The rising popularity of Snapchat Hacks

Published on August 13 2016

With the rise of Snapchat came the rise of Snapchat hacks, or as they are often referred to by their users: snapspy. The fact that these tools are so popular is a security concern for Snapchat. After all, if anyone can use a snapspy it will turn off a lot of users from using Snapchat ever again. In this blog I will explore the topic of Snapchat hacks and their rising popularity and the implication it has for the further development of Snapchat.


Snapspy's popularity naturally rose simultaneously with the popularity of Snapchat. One only needs to take a look at Google's keyword tool to see that the search queries related to Snapchat Hacks have picked up incredibly in the past few years. However, one has to question whether or not these snapchat spy tools are actually real. It is easy to claim something on the internet that is completely false. I therefore decided to test one of these Snapchat Spy Tools myself in order to give an honest assessment on whether or not these tools are real.



To do this, I created a new Snapchat account and sent a snap from my real account to it. I then tested out the Snapchat Hack Tool on the new account I created to see if it really showed the Snap I sent to it. To my surprise, it did actually show me the Snap I sent. It is pretty scary to think that snapspy tools can so easily hack into an account. In a matter of seconds my new account was hacked an all that I provided the tool was the username.


However, there might be one upside to the fact that it is so incredibly simple to hack Snapchat accounts and that is that Snapchat will most likely increase their security in the near future. After all, Snapchat is often used by people to send images that they do not want other people to have permanently. If this feature is no longer available due to the prevalence of Snapchat hacking tools then it will turn off a lot of their userbase. 

Written by Neha Harina

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